Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Akon does not know bellydancing!

Time and again I find myself driven to steer the public into understanding what belly dancing is and what belly dancing is not. It seems like a never ending battle against fighting the wrongful images that media projects about belly dancing which are almost always completely negative, misinterpreted and stereotyped.

Please understand that just because you see a image on T.V. doesn't make the image real. In fact the truth is far from it. This topic about images leads me to a very popular pop song by Akon entitled "Belly dancer"

I'll be one of the many bellydancers to step up to the plate and explain that this Akon song has nothing to do with bellydancing. The song is not a song about bellydancing, it's a song about wanting to dance "like" a bellydancer. According to Akons lyrics he doesn't know nothing about bellydancing.

A few selected Lyrics to point out (the least insulting ones anyway) :

Hey ladies drop it down / Just want to see you touch the ground / Don't be shy girl go Banaza / Shake ya body like a belly dancer

Drop down where? What is he talking about?
Touch the floor how? What kind of tacky images is he even talking about? I refuse to note the rest of the language he uses in his song because I find it degrading and insulting to the women who dedicate their lives to this art of dance.

And about that video...
And let me not even get started on that video that he produced for that song. There is not a single Belly dancer in that entire video. All the girls in the video are just models and hip-hop dancers bouncing around. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what those video girls are doing but it sure isn't bellydance I'll tell you that much!!! Why don't you see it for yourself...

This Is Not Belly Dancing!

There is nothing in that video that show cases Middle Eastern Bellydance. Every time I see the video I feel a blood rush of frustration filter throughout my body. I sit back and think, "Wow this video is one giant step backward for us belly dancers, now we have to work even harder to re-educate the public about bellydancing yet again--- all thanks to Akon.

Personally I think he is a great artist with a wonderful voice. I just can't stand his song "Belly dancer" and I hate the video even more. I wish they would ban it.

I will conclude this blog with a wonderful real bellydance performance you can check out below. Yes, this clip was once on T.V. but for once is was the real thing! Feel free to compare the fake belly dancers in Akon's video with the real belly dancers you see below. Enjoy =)

This Is Belly Dancing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Video Samples of Different Bellydance Styles

The Different Bellydance Styles

I decided to use this page of my blog to educate the public about the different styles of bellydance. These are only a few samples I found among many, some of the videos are with me and some are with others. I only posted what was available on Youtube. Be aware that there are many other subdivisions of bellydance which I may have not added. But overall here you can find the main styles that influence the rest.

This list of videos do illustrate the different techniques used in each style. Hope you enjoy!

Egyptian Style
This is elegant, classical style of bellydance. The movements are graceful and strong. This is a wonderful sophisticated style of bellydancing.
Star dancer: Sohalia

Classical Egyptian / Modern
A seductive dance to illustrate the music. This specific number was designed to express the emotions of beauty and romance.
Star Dancer: Elektra

Lebanese Style Bellydance
This is a lively form of dance, it's flirty, classy and fun.
Star Dancer: Rindala

Tribal Fusion Style
This bellydance style is the most grounded and slithery of all the different bellydance styles. The movements are super controlled and majestic.
Star dancer: Rachel Brice

American Cabaret / Modern Egyptian Style
This is a fun festive style with a graceful twist geared to be funny, sexy and upbeat.
Star Dancer: Elektra (Clip from award winning performance)

Turkish / Cabaret Style
The most liveliest, diverse and upbeat style of bellydance. Movements in this particular style are blended from other forms of bellydance.
Star dancer: Ansuya

Tribal Style
A cultural style of bellydance. This dance technique uses many elements of folk and traditional forms of dance.
Star Dancer: Sarah Locke

Gypsy Style
Related style of bellydance which incorporates dance movements from Spain
Star Dancer: Nadira

Bellydancing from the past
This is hollywood glamor age of when Egyptian bellydancing
Star Dancer: Samia Gamal

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The long absent writer

It has been way too long since I've posted anything here on my blog. I come as guilty as they come I know. But I've been up to so much it hard to sit still and dedicate 2 hours to writing. Yes it takes me that long because I write so much. I love to write but I love dancing more, which is why I spend so much more time bellydancing than anything else.

During my blog absence: I graduated from college, got a day full-time job at really big corporation, began teaching new beginner bellydance workshops, bought costumes and designed costumes, joined a new sports club gym and ofcourse performed at venues and private parties.

So it wasn't like I sat around the T.V all day (god no, I can't stand that) I was working on many, many, many things as always. Just like my profile says "I'm the kind a girl that likes to do a whole lot in a day!"

I have lots of fun stuff to write about soon...