Sunday, October 11, 2009

My New York Bellydancer website

For my new bellydance website I decided to concentrate on the elements that shaped me as a artist today. These elements are :New York City (birth place & home), Fire (Sun sign, energy, name meaning), and professional ambition (the nature of my personality).

So this represents me:

The New Yorker in Me:
I am a what you call a Native New York city bellydancer and I am totally a product of NYC. Everything from the way I speak, act, walk and dance, its shows in everything I do. And nope, I didn't drive in with a map, sail in with a backpack or fly in with family... I was born here. I was born a big apple girl, in the smack middle of one of the most diverse places in the world. Hello New York!

My Fire Energy:
My name "Elektra" means burning flame. My zodiac sign is Aries (first of the sun signs). My energy is completely about being bold, confident and passionate. When I perform I'm always giving lots of energy from the passion I feel to the movements I execute. I have a lot of fire in me and my passion helps my fire burn stronger.

My Professional attitude and Ambition:
I'm the kind of professionals who sets goals. Whether small or large I'm always working on a goal. I care a great deal about professionalism. I am a person who thrives on emotion, spirit and passion. Almost every decision I make comes from the heart. I treat the dance like a science by breaking by the moves and putting them back together like a puzzle. I take time to understand the muscles being use while dancing so I could explain the movements better to others. I make being a professional on top of my priority list always.

I trying my best to pull all these things together in a pot and produce a site that is a reflection of this so lets see what is to come...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dogs, Cats & Owner types

Ok, so this blog has nothing to do with dance but I'm human and I have other interests...

My topic: The cat & dog debate

There is no such thing as "Which is a better pet, Cat or Dog?" They are equally amazing pets and for many, many different yet similar reasons. The answer lies in the type of person who owns the pet. A dog or cat will be loving, playful, responsive, active, cuddly and well behaved based on how their owners treat care and interact with them.

As a person who was raised with all types of animals, I have more than enough experience to tell you that human personally matters the most when having a pet be the best they can be. A pet is a reflection of their owner, believe it or not it works every time. Most importantly the pet has to fit the persons lifestyle which again falls back to my point on personality equals a dog or cat.

Food for thought: "Pets flourish best when their owners devote themselves to them. It doesn't matter dog or cat. The right love will make the right pet "

Here's a brief rundown of bad pet owners:
I know people who treat their cats like furniture and wonder why their cat acts like a sofa. I also know people who treat their dogs like annoying barking and smelling objects by locking them up for hours and then wondered why their dogs act destructive become neurotic. Uhmmm.. if you did that to a growing human baby don't you think that child will grow up with behavor issues too. Duh! Pets are not humans but the saying still aplies "Give and you will recieve".

Now back to the positive topic

Picking Your Pet
Human personality and lifestyle:
It all boils down to picking the right pet for your lifestyle. Be realistic, write an honest list down of your daily habits. Describe your home environment, energy levels, consider other people you live with.

Here's a helpful exercise to figure out if a cat or dog is right for you:

******Write down a description of your own personality (leave out your name) then have a friend or stranger read it and tell you whether the personality type on the paper sounds like a cat person or dog person. Be careful not to show the paper to people who hate either cats or dogs because their opinion will be completely bias. Find people who are rather neutral, it's ok if they personally prefer one pet type over another just as longs as they don't hate the other type of pet.

You might be more surprised than you think. I can't tell you how many dog people are really cat people and don't know it. Same goes for unexpected cat people who are better as dog owners. No joke, I see this all the time. The problem lies in the very beginning when wanting a pet transforms into actually having a pet. People get so wrapped up in the idea of a pet, until they actually have. It is only then they realize this pet crashes with their lifestyle or personally.

Here are some really basic ways to spot the difference between dog & cat people

IF you feel affection should be giving and not earned. Most likely: A Dog person.
Dogs seek approval of owners constantly not caring so much whether their owner does the same. Why, because dogs are forgiving and want to please their owners who are like god to them. You are not a cat person. If you ignore a cat, a cat will ignore you back. You are not god to them. Cats can treasure, love and be completely devoted to you but only if they feel you want to feel the same with them and treat them this way.

IF you like a silent home environment. Most likely: Cat person
Cats are silent overall. Even the ones who are naturally very vocal can only meow for so long or can't be so loud they can be heard down the street. Cats also make no sound when they walk around your home thanks to their retractable claws. Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons and their claws make noise when they walk it's a big deal. They tend to also knock stuff over more so because they are not as flexiable as cats or have the same amount of body awarness.

IF you need an animal to act insane for you when you come home. Most likely: Dog person
Dogs will greet you like you are reason they live and breathe. They will drown you in kisses, jump all over you to show you how much they missed you. Cats also can be crazy excited for you too, but they will not go to the physical extremes to show you how happy they are to see you again. Cats don't feel any of that is necessary because they just know you love them and to them they assume you are secure enough to know that.

IF you Obsess over a neat spotless home. Most likely: Cat person
Cats are naturally extremely clean. They groom themselves constantly. They won't stink up your furniture, chew on things or knock down objects clumsy. They have great body awareness like dancers, they know just how to balance, when to jump and how to fit just right into spaces. Dogs are clumsy in this department because they just live in the moment.

IF you are a really active person who enjoys or needs daily exercise. Mostly likely: Dog person
Dogs flourish best when they go out for daily walks, its absolutely crucial for them to be happy and balanced. A dog will go running, jogging, swimming and anything else with you out doors. Whatever activity you want to do, they are all about it. Cats have a different idea of exercise which involves running around the house when they want to play, attacking toys, jumping, climbing and wrestling with each other or stuffed animals. A cat can't really help you stay physically fit because their plan really only works for them. But cats can still make you laugh when they get excited and run around like ninja's. LOL

IF prefer to stay home, dread going out if not completely necessary. Most likely: Cat person
Cats never need to go out and have no problem being a hermit like you. They also have kitty boxes so you never have to take them out to poop. Dogs love outdoors and really need it for emotional, physically and psychological health. For some, taking a dog out every morning and evening can be a daunting task especially in bad weather (rain, snow, bitter cold, heat wave). Lot's of owners find this a reason to give their dog away after having it as a pet. Irresponsible I know, but this is what happens when people don't really realize or comprehend the importance of dog walks and this is not for everyone.

IF you want to train a pet easily. Most likely: Dog person.
Dogs are natural people please-rs. They will do just about anything to make you happy. When it comes to training they will work hard and pick up commands because you want them to. Cats are trainable too. Cats can fetch, come, sit, jump, spin and many other things on command, but your patience and commitment is crucial. They take longer to learn tricks, not because of intelligence but because they don't feel the need to impress you as much. You are not always the center of their world and because of that they can be distracted whenever they feel like it. They are highly intelligent but independent and not insecure to be so either.

IF appreciate your independence and wish not to be bothered much. Mostly likely: Cat person
Cats respect your space. They can come to you when you want them around and go away happily if you don't. They can take pleasure watching you do your errands at a distance, chill on your lap when you read or purr calmly around you when you want a bit of company. They never have to ask you how you feel about them because they just know. Dogs are hungry for attention and would prefer to be center of your world like they way you are to them. This can be irrigating for the really independent types because of the constant starring, and following around the house can be overwhelming. These people end up tie-ing up their dogs or putting them in another room for this reason. Not everyone needs a pet to constantly asking "Do you love me?" over and over and over and over and over again. Dogs are obsessed with love this way, not are not. Yes dogs can learn to chill out next to you and do absolutely nothing, but inside they are just waiting for your attention.

Tricky personality avenues, when dogs and cats are on equal grounds.

IF you like a pet that wants to play with you: Both cats & dogs.
Cats and dogs both want to play with you. The difference is the type of play. Dogs like rough house games, chewing, fetching and will play just about any creative game you come up with. They are the pets who are just ready to go at anytime. Cats like chasing, pouncing, leaping, puzzle games (where they are attracted to catch objects through objects), attacking toys, and play wrestling. Sometimes mood affects cats attitude towards play. It is not because they never want to play, its just they want to play when the time is right. Cat's also crave challenges, they bore with the same toys and games, they crave for you to invent something that will spark their interest. Cats love to play with you, if they don't its your own fault for not playing with them daily or coming up with a better game than an old piece of string.

IF you like a pet who will sleep with you: Both cats & dogs.
What pet wouldn't want to sleep with the owner they love ;)

There are many other examples I go write about and so many other interesting comparisons but in the end my conclusion stays the same. A happy, healthy, loving, well behaved, devoted pet is a reflection of their owner.

So in the end lets give a round of applause to our favorite pets CATS & DOGS!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Confessions of a Sims gamer

I have a confession. I'm addicted to Sims. Yes, it's an actual PC video game and I actually play it.

I have been secretly addicted to this game for years since it first appeared in February 2000. At the time my boyfriend bought the game, he wasn't fond of it but for me I was addicted the moment I tried it.

Yes, this is so not like me. I don't even like video games, I feel that they are a tremendous waste of time. I myself would rather get lost in a great book or take a nice walk outdoors. You don't really gain anything from video game other than entertainment, fun, stress relief...etc.

But still, there is something about video games that makes people play and continue to play.

For me that video game escape is the Sims. I have secretly been a huge Sim gamer since the first appeared in 2000. I had all the expansion packs and I used to play for hours and hours. The more I played the more I loved it. It was a horrible addiction.

Then one day I just stopped. I refused to play. I stopped playing for over 2 years until a boyfriend bought me the game. Once I tried it, it was over. I was hooked all over again.
And so once and while the saga continues...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dancer Differences (students, hobbiest, professional)

I thought it would be nice to help explain how dancers vary.

Student Belly Dancers

These are student dancers. It's anybody taking bellydance classes (daily, weekly, monthly, private lessons or taking workshops.) They can range from beginners to advanced student dancers. They love learning bellydancing and some wish to become professional bellydancers some day.

Hobbyist Belly Dancers

These are dancers who take classes or perform bellydance shows as a hobby. They are not concentrated on making a financial profit, but perform for the sake of performing. They usually perform at Hafla's, family/friend events, or venues with their peers. Hobby dancers can also be dedicated students who just love taking classes but are not very interested in going any further than that.

Transitional Dancer / students or hobbiest transitioning to professional

These are bellydancers in that transition state of going from advanced student or hobbyist to professional bellydancers. These dancers are learning the concepts of business, teaching, performance and the art of entertainment as a professional bellydancer. This transitional state takes time, it can range from weeks to years. It depends how much the dancer gets mentored by other professional dancers.

Part-time Professional Bellydancers

These are professional bellydancers who either dance or teach or both on a part-time basis. These dancers balance day jobs or sometime several jobs while maintaining a side professional bellydance career.

Full-Time Professional BellyDancers

These are dancers who don't have day jobs and make belly dancing a full time career. These dancers usually balance out a number of bellydance business responsibilities including, dancing at private & public venues, marketing, teaching classes/workshops/private lessons, networking, selling merchandise and other concentrated bellydance business.