Sunday, December 14, 2008

Idea = Bliss

Today I've made some interesting progress on my new website design. I spend lots of my evening designing a cover flyer when all of a sudden a great idea struck me. It was something that was so obvious to me yet I never really thought of it before, not the way I am now. Oh how I wish I could share my idea here on my blog... but I won't.

I'm very serious as to how I want my design to look and feel. The reason I can't share my idea is because I don't want other bellydancers grasping the idea before me. Oh I'm sure I'll have a few bitters mimic my idea once it's out there. But they will have to wait until I plant the seed first. I'm very excited about the way I want to lay this thing out, now I just have to take time to really construct the whole thing. Oh my site will be unique, different and completely diverse... just the way I like it.

I can't stand following the crowd and being like everyone else, it just not in my nature. This is why I really dig the new idea thats dancing around my head ;)

I have a moment of bliss now because I know what I want.
I'm focused on a goal...
I know how to get it...
And I'm on my way!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Renovation Experience

So I'm trying to renovate my website. And I'm getting the only fat headache! Here's the story...
Getting my website re-designed is something I thought about for a long while now. I feel both excited about having a new designed website and also completely worried that the site will not have the same feel I have been use to all this time.

So I started re-designing my site with my boyfriend. He gave me good advise by setting me up with a new website provider and ideas how to re-arrange articles I have posted on my site. The only problem with my newer site is that I find it harder to navigate. Sure the site is way more updated with lots of features and possiblities. But in return, I have a lot of navigational material to learn and get used to. This new experience has not been easy nor fun. I have litterally stepped away from the computer with headaches and neck pains from the aggravation. This renovation is truely painful.

Here are some of the problems (only some),
So far I feel it takes me 3x times longer to post something up on my new site verses my old site. The new site looks way better in terms of clarity and professionalism but there are so many steps to take to get anything done. =( I get a big headache just thinking about it!

I try to work on the new site every other day whenever I have the chance. My boyfriend complains that I don't work on the site long enough. To tell you the truth I don't. I'm not going to be around the bush about it, this new site is so much work it makes me want to run away from it and avoid it at all costs.

I will stop this bad behavior and work harder on my new site. Hopefully I can get it running by the beginning of the new year. Lets see, I can't make any promises but I will try.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grammatical issues

Occasionally, I know that in my blogs, articles, essays and whatever else I write that I make grammatical errors. Specifically when I'm in a rush and have little time to re-read my written material.

With this said I welcome corrections from any of my readers when something arises. Just send me a quick note about the grammatical error on the specific blog entry and I will get to it to fix it up. Your input is appreciated :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Orgasmic music, lose my breath

Today I encountered a song that made me lose my breathe, roll my eyes back and exhale. It was enchanting powerful song, I can literally say the hairs on my neck stood up and I felt my spine tingle. Don't you love when an emotion can move you so.

Oh the song is simply orgasmic, I love it. I try to dance around with it for a bit but then I just melted into my chair and decided to just soak it all in instead. I heard it for a few times a felt and allowed myself to experience a wave of warm energy flow through my body. That melody made my eyes wet with pleasure. Oh the strange behaviors of artists our sense perceptions go beyond reason. I know my bellydance sisters would truly understand.

As I close my eyes to just listen, I imagine the textures I see, the scents I smell, the taste of the air in the room and how it drains me powerless. I feel my heart pounding away with the steady beat of the drums, I am so lost within this song I don't want to return.

I have trouble describing this song with just words. This song can only be experienced and shared through emotions. I know I will add this song to some of my performances in the future, but I'm not going to say when or where.

I guess the observers will only have to figure it out by opening themselves to really experiencing this song and then maybe just maybe they will know that I just performed to this song.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The East Coast Competition experience

This blog is about my first experience entering a bellydance competition and winning...

At the beginning of the new year, I finally made the conscious decision of competing. I decided to join the East Coast Classics competition because it was the closest one to New York City. After sending my registration form I knew that the thought was finally reality, I was really going to compete and not just think about it anymore.

Well, I did second guess the idea... a lot.

I waited literally the last 3 days before the competition to buy traveling tickets. And because of this I was stuck buying bus tickets. The rates to take a plane were off the wall and a even a train ride was out of the question.

The road trip was brutal. Me and Sahazha left Friday night to take an overnight bus ride to Virginia. Sleeping in a bus is truly ridiculous but there we were. Cramped up in our seats, with soar necks and chairs that barely lean back. I'm not even sure how we managed but we did. Since we were both small we fit in our chairs very well, I was able to curl up my legs on the seat and sleep like a ball. Still it was the most uncomfortable experience I could have imagined.

We talked a lot throughout and tried our best to sleep every so often. By the time we woke up we looked completely discombobulated. It was 6:30am in the morning. We were beyond loped sided, we as if someone beat us up and left us totally out of it. Since we had time to kill (the doors at the competition tacitly weren't to open until 9am) we decided to dine at a local restaurant. We found a cab at the bus driver who drove us to a local diner so we could have some breakfast.

The diner was a little place located new a few churches about 4 blocks from the place we were to be at 9am. Me & Sahazha could get over how many churches were in Virginia, I mean the temples were literally next door to each other. We had a couple of laughs over eggs, bacon, toast and ham about our morning trip. We had fun watching the local Virginia people around us talk and move about. Their natural was very calm and collective, they never seemed rushed or overwhelmed. It felt like we were living a cartoon episode of "King of the Hill". Sahazha and I totally stood out as two foreign city girls. It was so weird Virginia isn't that from from New York, yet the vibe is so extremely different.

Oh and this is two pictures of Sahazha sitting around waiting for a cab and holding a can a maze. There were two strange men trying to follow us that day but that's a whole other story.
Anyhow, we left the diner around 8:30am and got to the place we were heading by 8:45am. We were officially the earliest competitors to arrive. I looked as if I rolled out of bed and so naturally I wanted to do my hair and makeup asap. LOL
I got comfortable (as best as I could) in the dressing room, put a bit of makeup on, fluffed my hair and introduced my self to all the dancers I came across. Me and Sahazha killed a hour or two looking at costumes the vendors were selling before the competitions actually started.

The competitions started two hours later. I sat with Sahazha in the middle of the auditorium and watched the first category of dancers. This first line up was the Rising Star division (beginner dancers with experience)
We really enjoyed watching rising stars shake their stuff here are a few of my personal favorite:
To be honest, I enjoyed everyone who performed. The one who caught my eye the most was Claire from California. She was absolutely adorable and beyond talented. She seriously rocked the house!

Next came the Troupe competition. There was really interesting line up of dance groups, everything from the strange to the exotic to the glamours and beyond.

There was an hour break after the Troupe competition. I went to get ready backstage and go over my dance routine in my head. Here's me putting on makeup... well pretending to for the camera...LOL
Anyhow, when the time came to line up to go on, I was more than ready. I was excited and not all nervous. I kept convincing myself this was just like any other gig and so my prime focus was to have fun and entertain. The last thing I wanted was to feel nervous because that does nothing but distract you from your main focus.

I was the third dancer to go on. I watched the other two dancers before me perform from back stage. Seeing them dance out there on the stage dancing with the lights, and the crowd of people make me really excited. I had so much energy I couldn't help but dance around, I couldn't wait to go on.
Then my turn came. My music went on I took a breathe and became "Elektra on Stage". Seeing all faces within the crowd, lights beaming on me and cameras everywhere made my adrenaline rush. I felt like a kid in candy land, oh yeah I had fun dancing.

I caught a glimpse of the judges staring at me from all the way in the back, they had concentrated looks on their faces as if they were studying a math problem. Automatically my intuition kicked into full gear and I said to myself, oh no I'm going to make they smile at me;) And for the next few moments I projected my energy far across the room looked directly at them and smiled and what do you know... they smiled back (;-D) That's when I knew... Hmm they like me!

When my song ended I still felt fully charged with excitment. I watched the other competitors from behind stage and chatted with the dancers around me.

Later when it was time for the award ceremony, I was then really nervous. Sahazha was convinced I won but I didn't take her word for it because many other dancers were great.

And when they annouced the Headliner of the year award and called my name, I totally lost it. My face turned red as tomato, I was so embaressed. I didn't even know how to accept the award. I still can't get over it whenever I think about it because OMG I won. WOW!

This blog can go on and on and on and on, but I had to shorten it because I think I can write a book about the competition day. This was a shorten version of a very long blog...LOL

Bellydancer Elektra, the name, the dancer...

My Name is Elektra and I'm a professional bellydancer based in New York City. My name Elektra was both earned and given to me as young dancer years ago.

It was given to me based on the fact I was known for being a high energy and lively dancer. This natural talent to use energy came from my passion for bellydance. From the very first moment I stepped on stage I felt like my chest was going to explode with love and excitement. People use to nickname me the little fireball or the fire-cracker. So naturally when it came to pick a dance name, Elektra was going to be it.

The name Elektra means "Burning fire/flame, firey, Sun, Shinning, Amber." This is exactly what my energy, personality and self represents through the form of dance. I have earned this name, Plain & simple.

I have done everything in my power to stay true and represent myself as the image of the Elektra I created.
For this, I know that my name has been earned. I live up to the name and power this name possesses.

Oh and let me get the obvious out of the way before I go any further...
Yes, the name comes from Greek mythology. Yes, there is an actress named Carmen Electra. Yes, there is a comic-book superhero name Elektra Natchios. Yes, there two ways to spell the name Elektra one with a "C" & one with a "K". But none of these had anything to do with why my name was given to me. The meaning of the name is the purpose it's mine.

Now, I will say that I did conduct lots of online research (which I hope other bellydancers would do but everyone uses common sense) way before I even created my website. I did want to see how many bellydancers shared my name. At that time I only could find two listings. One semi-dancer in Houston Texas, another Elektra from the 1970's, and a few barely seen Electra's with a "C". I was satisfied with that and surprised.

So I went ahead and established myself all over online and beyond. I threw myself everywhere and began to thicken the name Elektra and associated with me. I understood my purpose as a bellydancer, I understood my strenghts and I understood how to use my high energy as a talent when performing. I did it. I placed my name in the cement, framed it and crowned it on my head...LOL

Now I got to say, I'm seeing a few other Elektra's poping up online and what-nots. Oh how corney. What is this? Why Elektra. I know it will be impossible for me to be the only Elektra bellydancer in whole world. But Hello, at least be courteous and add a LAST NAME to yours. I'm the bellydancer Elektra from NYC, reconize and get it together! (That's the NYC blood in me talking XD)

Yeah, New York City, I'm a native New Yorker with a lot a fire energy. Let me have my name and give yours last name or spell it differently. I can't help it, I'm selfish and I don't want to share. Oh and did I mention that I'm also an Aries (fire sign hello).

Ok, I'll be nice and add and last name to mine. I can use Elektra Anez. Oh how cute, I'm being sweet. Uh... nah, I want---> Elektra.

If you don't like it bite me.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad Bad Girl

I've been a bad bad girl...
Sorry not that kind of Bad girl

But I have been the slack off the blog writing kind of bad girl again. I just realized that it has been close to 4 months since I posted anything on my bellydance video blog. Where did all my time go. I know I was working on many projects but I had no idea I slacked off my writing for so long!

Sure I've had a lot of shows to do. Many classes to teach. A dance competition to work on. Crazy relationship stuff I had to sort out and a beagle named Betty. But really were did all my blog time go?

I'm really going to have to get back in the habit of writing again with my weekly blogs. Funny how promising yourself to write weekly blogs don't seem to much to ask for but when it comes down to it, sometimes you just can't find time to write.

For now I'll work in Baby steps. I'm going first catch up on my video blogs and then take it from there. So lets see how long it takes me to bring it all back.

Ouch... I have a lot of catching up to do.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Admitting defeat...

I'm not the type to admit defeat easily. I aim high, work really hard and live by a determined attitude. I don't give up easy, especially when it comes from the matters of the heart. I have always been a warrior that can't back down from a fight, won't allow myself to fall to my knees and surrender. Although this trait has served me well throughout the years, there are times when I don't realize that some things are not worth fighting for...

Some times it's good to cut your losses and move on. I've had to learn that sometimes we all make mistakes, even if we tried our best to be careful and think things thoroughly. Life is just too unpredictable, there will always be things we can control and other things we could never control. We are human, I am human and know I have to be more forgiving.

Forgiveness is important, that's another life lesson I'm coming to terms with but that would be another story...

I guess it's a combination of my pride and ego that makes me so determined to keep fighting even if it's clear the fight that isn't worth fighting for. I hate to give up a battle where I feel I had not tried enough. I'll even justify the situation to convince myself that if I work harder I'd win, but perhaps it's the winning notion which is really what I'm after. Even if the prize isn't worth anything, the winning becomes my obsession. Funny how that sounds, I never thought of it that way.
I don't know... but I do know that sometimes everyone reaches a point when they have to admit defeat. We can't always win, no matter how hard we try. Life has a way of throwing wild cards, the best thing to do is sit back and try to play the game fair. Give it all that you can and hope for the best. Most importantly allow room to make errors because nothing in this life is perfect or promising.

I'm starting to re-evaluate my attitude on choices I made and ones I will make. In the end of the day my happiness is all that matters to me and I have to put that first before everything else.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eye of 2008

This new year has been a real eye opener for me. I have gone through many changes and challenges. I have been taking to time to learn more about what I want and need. I always seem to be on a quest to figure out if the path I'm taking is the journey I'm ready for. If the decisions I've made are based on what I want and not what others expect from me.

Am I finally believing in the dreams I've always had? Am I following my heart? Is this all a crazy dream, life can sometimes feel very sureal...

Sometimes everything makes sense and sometimes nothing really does.

I'm aware of all the different energies that come across my path. New faces, old friends and different situations. Constantly trying to do the right thing but completely unsure what the right thing is. I embark on the challenging road, seeking adventure and testing my limits.

I'm not afraid.
My eyes are open
so my heart can lead the way.
Where I go is up to me

You can either follow or stay behind.

But this is my calling, I'm finally living for me.