Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Forgetful Student Syndrome

The Beginners Forgetful Syndrome

One of the most popular concerns among students who first take dance classes is the fact most of them feel that the minute they step out of the class they completely forget the lesson they just went over. But this is a common part of the learning process. It takes a while for the brain and the body to absorb the movements. It normal to feel as if you can't remember everything by the time you get home. But not to worry, because you are learning the movements you need to just give it some time.

Even professional dancers experience this sometimes. If your body is learning a completly different new way of movement, it's normal to feel temporary forgetful. Think of it as your own mind & bodies way of telling you "Hey, what is this thing your making me do? It's freaking me out and I'm not going to obey" and in response to that notion your body tries to make you forget. But again don't worry, your brain has a backup drive where the information is always been stored-- it's all about retrieving the information.

Here are a few pointers to help you remember the movements and improve your dance skills...

*Focus on the way your body feels in class, pay attention to the muscles and relax.
*Go over the movements again and again in your mind as you head home. If you can take notes in class
*When its time to practice on your own, go over which ever movements you do remember.
*Even if you could only remember one movement, it's ok. Go over it many, many times to master it.
*Make practice a regular part of your every day.
*Try to make practice feel less like practice and more like part of your everyday movements. For example shimmy while washing the dishes. Practice hip circles while talking on the phone... etc.
*Get used to listening to Middle Eastern music, maybe buy the same music your teacher uses in class so your mind can remember the movements easier.
*Last but not least, have fun. Encourage others to wiggle with you for fun and laughs, come on your bellydancing not doing a math equation!

Friday, May 04, 2007

A Healing article

I came across an article that talked about the healing power of belly dance. It was a beautifully written account of one woman's experience moving from hardships and using belly dance as form to filter out the bad and rediscover the good. It was an amazing article. I was completely taken by her words, she literally had me in tears.
Her article reminded me of myself, I began to remember a time when I use dance as form of healing. I can look back and remember one particular time where my world felt upside down. It was a time I when I stopped wanting to be close to anybody.

I remember rehearsing alone and watching myself come back to life with the inner spirit of dance. Even though I was going through such a very difficult time, I remember being able to feel again whenever I danced. This dance truly did wonders for my soul. It healed me.

PS: Wish I could show you the link but it was taken down because the site no longer exists. 

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Photo Concentration

Concentrating on my new focus: Taking brand new professional photos!

It's not easy finding the right photographer. I've been doing my homework and trying to pick the best candidate to take my next bundle of photographs. I got lucky because I was able to nail it down to three of my favorites. I want to work with all three but for now I can only work with one.

I told myself that this time I will have more patience and pick the most artistic photographer. My last bundle of photo's were entirely experimental and fun. Now I'm searching for an creative measure to have my photograph taken. I want these photographs to say more than just "bellydancer" I want them to say more and be able to express emotion.

It was hard to pick one between my favorite three but I had to go with my instinct. I know which photographer I will use now it's just a matter of setting up an appointment to take the photographs.

I been telling myself all winter that I had to take new photo's by the summer, it was a feeling I had. Now I think I might have more than one photo shoot coming up. I'm actually not along taking photos alone, I'm trying to set up another photo session with my dance partner Sahajazha! That's going to be a load of fun--- I just know it. We will also be incorporating another dancer with us who specializes in another form of dance (and isn't bellydance either). She will be our guest feature in the photos. I can barely wait for that photo shoot =)

And so now I wait, think, decide and plan... soon will come action!