Thursday, August 07, 2008

Orgasmic music, lose my breath

Today I encountered a song that made me lose my breathe, roll my eyes back and exhale. It was enchanting powerful song, I can literally say the hairs on my neck stood up and I felt my spine tingle. Don't you love when an emotion can move you so.

Oh the song is simply orgasmic, I love it. I try to dance around with it for a bit but then I just melted into my chair and decided to just soak it all in instead. I heard it for a few times a felt and allowed myself to experience a wave of warm energy flow through my body. That melody made my eyes wet with pleasure. Oh the strange behaviors of artists our sense perceptions go beyond reason. I know my bellydance sisters would truly understand.

As I close my eyes to just listen, I imagine the textures I see, the scents I smell, the taste of the air in the room and how it drains me powerless. I feel my heart pounding away with the steady beat of the drums, I am so lost within this song I don't want to return.

I have trouble describing this song with just words. This song can only be experienced and shared through emotions. I know I will add this song to some of my performances in the future, but I'm not going to say when or where.

I guess the observers will only have to figure it out by opening themselves to really experiencing this song and then maybe just maybe they will know that I just performed to this song.