Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Confessions of a Sims gamer

I have a confession. I'm addicted to Sims. Yes, it's an actual PC video game and I actually play it.

I have been secretly addicted to this game for years since it first appeared in February 2000. At the time my boyfriend bought the game, he wasn't fond of it but for me I was addicted the moment I tried it.

Yes, this is so not like me. I don't even like video games, I feel that they are a tremendous waste of time. I myself would rather get lost in a great book or take a nice walk outdoors. You don't really gain anything from video game other than entertainment, fun, stress relief...etc.

But still, there is something about video games that makes people play and continue to play.

For me that video game escape is the Sims. I have secretly been a huge Sim gamer since the first appeared in 2000. I had all the expansion packs and I used to play for hours and hours. The more I played the more I loved it. It was a horrible addiction.

Then one day I just stopped. I refused to play. I stopped playing for over 2 years until a boyfriend bought me the game. Once I tried it, it was over. I was hooked all over again.
And so once and while the saga continues...