Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elektra, Where have you been?

Seems that my presents online has been absent for quite a while. People have contacted me over and over as to where I have been and what I been up to. Well to be honest, I'm still around and still working. For the past few months I have been concentrating on performing mostly for private parties instead of public events. I been too wrapped up and involved with other projects I didn't have time and space to concentrate on participating in public events.

And with me recently moving, getting adjusted, dealing with the holidays...etc my hands have been just tied. But I am still performing regularly and teaching every week. As of now I'm only teaching on Saturdays at the YMCA. I have been waiting for my schedule to clear up a bit before I start tackling more bellydance related projects and classes.

In the meantime, rest assured I will be more active especially in the upcoming spring and summer months. I have ideas up my sleeves as usual and my to do list is always active.

So keep on with Shimmy and shakes