Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My new magic word is "Enjoy." It's a little word with a big meaning.

Lately, I've been guilty of overloading myself with work. Juggling a full schedule and giving myself no time to relax. In the last two week I've been suffering from neck and shoulder tension due to stress. Recently, my allergies started to act up again as well. I know these are all signs that my body is telling me to stop and chill for a bit. But I had no idea that within the madness a single word would bring me back to the world of tranquility.

"Enjoy" The word enjoy which is the title of a song in Janet Jackson's new album 20Y.O., this word is something I needed to hear. The song happens to be very up lifting and sweet. I find myself calming down when I hear the lyrics.

Enjoy-- and celebrate / Enjoy-- the gift of life / Enjoy-- the simple things / Enjoy-- appreciate / --Just Enjoy--

This word struck me like a ray of sun shine into the tornado of thoughts running around in my head. Just saying the word enjoy relaxes me. I can feel the crunching tension in my shoulders begin to unwind. The muscles in my body releasing their grip. The worries and concerns are quieting down. My chest opens up, I can breathe fully again. Talk about get a load off!

How many times do we all sit back and just Enjoy? So many of us get so caught up with so many daily responsibilities, pressure, and work that we tend to forget to appreciate the little things that life has to offer. But sometimes it takes a message to bring you back. A message that appear in many forms. It can come from a message from the naive perspective of a child, a silly fortune cookie, a billboard on the street, your house cat and many other usual places, creatures and things. It's almost funny when you think about it. For me, my message happen to have come along in a song by my favorite artist.

Yes, this is my time to just enjoy

I use to have an old saying, "don't stress the little stuff-- it's makes you old and wrinkled!" Whether or not this is actually true doesn't matter to me, it wasn't the reason I would say it. I use to just love to say because it tickled me and anything that brings a smile upon my face blesses my day in more ways than one.

Thanks Janet for bringing me a smile... =D