Friday, May 04, 2007

A Healing article

I came across an article that talked about the healing power of belly dance. It was a beautifully written account of one woman's experience moving from hardships and using belly dance as form to filter out the bad and rediscover the good. It was an amazing article. I was completely taken by her words, she literally had me in tears.
Her article reminded me of myself, I began to remember a time when I use dance as form of healing. I can look back and remember one particular time where my world felt upside down. It was a time I when I stopped wanting to be close to anybody.

I remember rehearsing alone and watching myself come back to life with the inner spirit of dance. Even though I was going through such a very difficult time, I remember being able to feel again whenever I danced. This dance truly did wonders for my soul. It healed me.

PS: Wish I could show you the link but it was taken down because the site no longer exists.