Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm so glad my articles have become a teaching tool. I remember a time when I was afraid to combine my writing skills and passion for dance together, but I'm so happy I overcame my fear and allowed my two worlds to merge together. I found a way to make a difference, it may be small but it's still enough to make a small difference at a time. There is an endless supply of people out there that no little to nothing about the art of bellydancing and continue to taint it's reputation further encourage the sterotypes. I believe it's up the members of the bellydance community to constantly educated and re-educate the public about the dance we love and practice daily. Our biggest challenge of what we face is what ever image the media decides to portray of the dance. The media has the large impact upon what the general public believes. We have to fight the dragon som But if we don't take it upon ourselves to educate though around us who will. Should we leave it to Akon, Mandy Mor, R Kelly and Shakira to teach the public about bellydancing? Oh heavens no.