Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to Prepare for Bellydance Class

Wear comfortable clothes that you would wear to the gym. Consider cropped tops, Cami shirts, light t-shirts, sports bra, leggings, long skirts and anything breathe-able! Don't wear lingerie or just a simple bra. Keep your bra under your blouse.

Bare foot is highly recommended. Although you can wear ballet slippers, or dance shoes. ABSOLUTELY NO SNEAKERS! Socks can be an option but they tend to be slippery so be aware of this.

Hip Accessory:
I always recommend wearing some kind of hip accessory. It can be anything from a hip scarf to a coin belt, to shawl, to a fancy fringe belt...etc. This is very important to use when you are first learning bellydance technique. Having something tied around your hips that shakes or makes noise helps reinforce learning. The best type of hip accessory I would recommend will have to be the standard coin hip-scarf. It looks great on everyone, makes a cute noise and its alot of fun to wear. I love my students wearing them because it helps them stay motivated and having fun.

If you decide to buy merchandise please do so before you use it: This counts for veils, zills, and hip scarves.

Class Payment:
Be sure to pay for class before it begins.
For late comers: If you arrive late don't walk up to the instructor and hand her cash. Sign your name on the attendance sheet and wait to after class to give your payment.

New York City Bellydance Class by Elektra of Shimmyheart.com