Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eye of 2008

This new year has been a real eye opener for me. I have gone through many changes and challenges. I have been taking to time to learn more about what I want and need. I always seem to be on a quest to figure out if the path I'm taking is the journey I'm ready for. If the decisions I've made are based on what I want and not what others expect from me.

Am I finally believing in the dreams I've always had? Am I following my heart? Is this all a crazy dream, life can sometimes feel very sureal...

Sometimes everything makes sense and sometimes nothing really does.

I'm aware of all the different energies that come across my path. New faces, old friends and different situations. Constantly trying to do the right thing but completely unsure what the right thing is. I embark on the challenging road, seeking adventure and testing my limits.

I'm not afraid.
My eyes are open
so my heart can lead the way.
Where I go is up to me

You can either follow or stay behind.

But this is my calling, I'm finally living for me.