Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad Bad Girl

I've been a bad bad girl...
Sorry not that kind of Bad girl

But I have been the slack off the blog writing kind of bad girl again. I just realized that it has been close to 4 months since I posted anything on my bellydance video blog. Where did all my time go. I know I was working on many projects but I had no idea I slacked off my writing for so long!

Sure I've had a lot of shows to do. Many classes to teach. A dance competition to work on. Crazy relationship stuff I had to sort out and a beagle named Betty. But really were did all my blog time go?

I'm really going to have to get back in the habit of writing again with my weekly blogs. Funny how promising yourself to write weekly blogs don't seem to much to ask for but when it comes down to it, sometimes you just can't find time to write.

For now I'll work in Baby steps. I'm going first catch up on my video blogs and then take it from there. So lets see how long it takes me to bring it all back.

Ouch... I have a lot of catching up to do.