Friday, June 27, 2008

Bellydancer Elektra, the name, the dancer...

My Name is Elektra and I'm a professional bellydancer based in New York City. My name Elektra was both earned and given to me as young dancer years ago.

It was given to me based on the fact I was known for being a high energy and lively dancer. This natural talent to use energy came from my passion for bellydance. From the very first moment I stepped on stage I felt like my chest was going to explode with love and excitement. People use to nickname me the little fireball or the fire-cracker. So naturally when it came to pick a dance name, Elektra was going to be it.

The name Elektra means "Burning fire/flame, firey, Sun, Shinning, Amber." This is exactly what my energy, personality and self represents through the form of dance. I have earned this name, Plain & simple.

I have done everything in my power to stay true and represent myself as the image of the Elektra I created.
For this, I know that my name has been earned. I live up to the name and power this name possesses.

Oh and let me get the obvious out of the way before I go any further...
Yes, the name comes from Greek mythology. Yes, there is an actress named Carmen Electra. Yes, there is a comic-book superhero name Elektra Natchios. Yes, there two ways to spell the name Elektra one with a "C" & one with a "K". But none of these had anything to do with why my name was given to me. The meaning of the name is the purpose it's mine.

Now, I will say that I did conduct lots of online research (which I hope other bellydancers would do but everyone uses common sense) way before I even created my website. I did want to see how many bellydancers shared my name. At that time I only could find two listings. One semi-dancer in Houston Texas, another Elektra from the 1970's, and a few barely seen Electra's with a "C". I was satisfied with that and surprised.

So I went ahead and established myself all over online and beyond. I threw myself everywhere and began to thicken the name Elektra and associated with me. I understood my purpose as a bellydancer, I understood my strenghts and I understood how to use my high energy as a talent when performing. I did it. I placed my name in the cement, framed it and crowned it on my head...LOL

Now I got to say, I'm seeing a few other Elektra's poping up online and what-nots. Oh how corney. What is this? Why Elektra. I know it will be impossible for me to be the only Elektra bellydancer in whole world. But Hello, at least be courteous and add a LAST NAME to yours. I'm the bellydancer Elektra from NYC, reconize and get it together! (That's the NYC blood in me talking XD)

Yeah, New York City, I'm a native New Yorker with a lot a fire energy. Let me have my name and give yours last name or spell it differently. I can't help it, I'm selfish and I don't want to share. Oh and did I mention that I'm also an Aries (fire sign hello).

Ok, I'll be nice and add and last name to mine. I can use Elektra Anez. Oh how cute, I'm being sweet. Uh... nah, I want---> Elektra.

If you don't like it bite me.