Sunday, December 14, 2008

Idea = Bliss

Today I've made some interesting progress on my new website design. I spend lots of my evening designing a cover flyer when all of a sudden a great idea struck me. It was something that was so obvious to me yet I never really thought of it before, not the way I am now. Oh how I wish I could share my idea here on my blog... but I won't.

I'm very serious as to how I want my design to look and feel. The reason I can't share my idea is because I don't want other bellydancers grasping the idea before me. Oh I'm sure I'll have a few bitters mimic my idea once it's out there. But they will have to wait until I plant the seed first. I'm very excited about the way I want to lay this thing out, now I just have to take time to really construct the whole thing. Oh my site will be unique, different and completely diverse... just the way I like it.

I can't stand following the crowd and being like everyone else, it just not in my nature. This is why I really dig the new idea thats dancing around my head ;)

I have a moment of bliss now because I know what I want.
I'm focused on a goal...
I know how to get it...
And I'm on my way!