Sunday, October 11, 2009

My New York Bellydancer website

For my new bellydance website I decided to concentrate on the elements that shaped me as a artist today. These elements are :New York City (birth place & home), Fire (Sun sign, energy, name meaning), and professional ambition (the nature of my personality).

So this represents me:

The New Yorker in Me:
I am a what you call a Native New York city bellydancer and I am totally a product of NYC. Everything from the way I speak, act, walk and dance, its shows in everything I do. And nope, I didn't drive in with a map, sail in with a backpack or fly in with family... I was born here. I was born a big apple girl, in the smack middle of one of the most diverse places in the world. Hello New York!

My Fire Energy:
My name "Elektra" means burning flame. My zodiac sign is Aries (first of the sun signs). My energy is completely about being bold, confident and passionate. When I perform I'm always giving lots of energy from the passion I feel to the movements I execute. I have a lot of fire in me and my passion helps my fire burn stronger.

My Professional attitude and Ambition:
I'm the kind of professionals who sets goals. Whether small or large I'm always working on a goal. I care a great deal about professionalism. I am a person who thrives on emotion, spirit and passion. Almost every decision I make comes from the heart. I treat the dance like a science by breaking by the moves and putting them back together like a puzzle. I take time to understand the muscles being use while dancing so I could explain the movements better to others. I make being a professional on top of my priority list always.

I trying my best to pull all these things together in a pot and produce a site that is a reflection of this so lets see what is to come...