Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video Blog lazy Imatition

So I bumped into some bellydance video blogs online today. Um similar to mine but with half the effort. It's funny how some people want to create a video blog like mine but put absolutely no effort into actually writing anything in it. These blogs are just posted video dance clips people can watch in an organized fashion... that's pretty much it. The bloggers don't give any feedback or comments about any of the clips other than the title, the dancers name and where the clip was posted. Yeah a lazy man's job.

Don't get me wrong, these blogs are nice to look up something interesting but then what? The person looking at these blogs don't have any interesting facts or opinions to read about, not to mention there is a missed opportunity for the reader to learn something about the dance itself.

Anyone could easy copy paste videos and put them up in a blog. It really is a no brainer.

And if you don't write anything then the blog just feels empty. For that the reader is better off looking stuff up on their own on Youtube at least there they can read facts about the videos and watch other clips posted by others.

Now I'm not going to be the one to preach without admitting my own lazy habits. I will admit that I don't write in my blogs as often as I should, part of it has to do with my crazy schedule and the part has to do with the lack of time I set apart towards writing. BUT when I do write, I actually write. I sit, think and write. All my video blogs regardless of how often I update them, I always take the time to write my thoughts and give feedback about whatever I'm posting. I want to put the effort in because I want to make something I myself would be interested in reading.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you want to be a blogger then blog (write) even if its not everyday. Keep away from just copying a pasting stuff you find, its kinda like cheating or cutting corners without any real rewards.

Just a thought.