Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stick with the old

So I've decided to stick with my original website instead of making a brand new one... well, at least for now anyway.

I will make a new website someday, I just don't have the time and energy to put into designing a new site right now. I especially don't have time to learn how to navigate a new webhosting program and so forth. School is starting up soon and I don't want to be stuck with a half finished site. It's tacky and not tasteful-- not my style.

Right now I feel too focused on other projects. And as always--- I have many projects that I'm working on all at once. I'd rather keep them to myself, but what I can say is that all my projects have something to do with bellydancing. That's all that I'll give away for now!

At least I am happy to note that I am giving my old website a face-lift. I'm making little changes here and there. Slowly it's transforming, looking cleaner, more organized and better developed. I admire my work so far-- hey, my website looks pretty attractive for a first try. I get compliments every so often and that always makes my day=)

My website is a work in progress. Just like any craft, skill or project, it takes time to perfect. I'm working hard everyday coming up with new ideas and so forth. Again this webdesign thing isn't something I ever had any previous experience doing. I learned everything by myself with just, books, and the Internet. I've only had my website up since Feb 2006. Yes, I'm still a newbie to this.

Shimmyheat is my baby and she's growing stronger everyday... that makes me smile!