Monday, July 17, 2006

The influence of signs

Do you ever wonder if the power of Zodiac Signs ever really influence the behavior of people?

I confess that sometimes I do. I sometimes wonder if any truth can emerge from the advice of astrology. I find it bizarre---

No, I'm not encouraging anyone to believe in the whole horoscope system literally because I don't, nor do I think people should have to follow the horoscope rules every single day! That seems downright too complicating. But I do think there is something about that silly chart that reflects who we are to some point. Some of it could be accountable for something.

I'm not at all superstitious...I don't believe in fairy tails. But the way I see it, there can be a hidden truth behind just about anything in life. There are answers everywhere. Every creature, thing, and place has a history. A story behind around every corner and perhaps yes, even a meaning located right underneath our own awareness.

I believe in energy and trusting your intuition.

Out of pure amusement I occasionally read about the zodiac signs. I can't help it. I find it interesting, funny and strangely ironic. I feel skeptical about the whole horoscope thing. So for fun, I like to challenge whatever I read and put it to the test.

And so I read it, study it and test it against everything its worth. I separate the characteristics of each sign and puzzle the fragmented pieces together finding common ground and differences. Next, I test my knowledge against the people I know, or meet. When I bored, I like to watch people and try to guess on my own what sign they are. After a while, I narrow my guesses down to the closest top three and from there I can usually accurately figure out which sign a person is before they tell me.

Funny, don't you think? Now if the whole horoscope system was a bunch of BS then I wouldn't be able to figure out the birth signs of people, but I can. So there must be some ironic truth to this zodiac business.

I for one am an Aries. I'm such an Aries it's disgusting. No kidding, every time I read about the characteristic of a typical Aries, I feel like I'm reading a short profile of myself. Sometimes I try reading the traits of other signs to see if I fit the profile of any another. In the end, there is no comparison--- I'm an all around Aries both good and bad, I can't help it.

Check out a method I use to try to test the strange zodiac system...

Back when I was part of the dating scene, I would often read about the compatibility between my sign and the person I was dating (I only did this once before I got to know them). Later, when I've gotten to know the person, I would then read back the same information and see if any of the zodiac information matched up. The results would surprise me every time...

Honestly, I would say 98% of the time the zodiac love compatibilities were always true. When it comes to love, I think the zodiac can open a window and shed some light. On the other hand when it comes explaining the compatibility between co-workers, friends and bosses, the zodiac is about 95% correct. It's a freaky thing--- I've been able to surprise many anti-zodiac people with the these facts.

When it comes to relationships of any kind I think the horoscope compatibility chart can overall do a good job describing the dynamic chemistry. It can describe the weaknesses and strengths in relationships. I think it can also help give advice on how to better handle situations with different signs.

Understanding people is the best way to resolve conflict and helping people. Since the zodiac is pretty good at describing what influences people or what makes them tick--- I think it can serve us good idea's on how to better navigate around conflicting issues.

Back when I was in High School I had a Library teacher who used to tell me that every sign could apply to anyone. Any page of a horoscope book for example, can be read and applied to just about any person. I agree, that theory can be true (especially for daily horoscope readings which personally I think make no sense). But still, I think every person emulates their birth sign more than the rest when you get down to the nitty-gritty.

At my old job, I had a boss who told me that we only see characteristics of the signs in people because we are unconsciously looking for those traits. Ok-- that could be true too. But that doesn't explain how I am able to guess a person's birth sign. I'm not psychic whatsoever, I just read and test what I learn.

I guess it's part of my Aries natural need for a challenge that causes me to test the theories of the horoscope.