Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Literally can't sit still

I'm having one of those can't sit still days at the office. This is a consequence to spending so much time at the gym. The outcome of running, dancing, biking, free-weights...etc. Fun and torture ;-)

Yes, I'm at the gym a lot now because I want to lose about 10 pounds that I gained by hanging out with my boyfriend too much for the last few months. He's a big TV couch potato and somehow I end up right next to him watching the next episode of "Myth Busters" and "Dirty Jobs." Normally, I'm not very much into TV. And thanks to my main squeeze that has changed. Yes, Love makes you stupid doesn't it. How could I let him cut my gym time?
Ok-- it's my fault I know... now it's up to me to get back into shape. And I will.
On the bright side...
My sudden urge to exercise like a maniac has caused me to rehearse a great deal too. I'm constantly practicing the new dance techniques I've been learning under the master instructor Yoursy Sharif (he is awesome!) I'm completely engulfed by the Egyptian Style right now-- so much that I don't care very much for any other dance style. I'm a little obsessed.

Anyway back to my muscle drama-

Here at work, I find myself constantly stretching at the desk. Pulling my arms, rolling my head around, arching my back to and fro...etc. I have the urgency to get up, walk around and stretch some more. Here's my problem...

Since I'm trapped in an office chair my muscles aren't moving very much and so my muscles begin to ache from not moving. I actually feel like my body muscles are falling asleep while I sit, which is why moving around feels so wonderful. When I actually move from my chair I feel 10times better.

If my muscles would stop tensing up, I wouldn't have the need to stretch every 15 minutes-- I must look like a crazy person always stretching in my chair as if I have some kind of neurotic disorder. I can't stay still. I think I should get a message from my boyfriend, that always seems to help whenever I feel physically tense.
Better yet, maybe I should book a massage at a Spa, wouldn't that be a beautiful thing! Ahhh the spa, what a delicious place to be.

Beautiful Spa Land