Sunday, July 02, 2006

Website Madness

I'm trying to redo my whole entire website and it's really HARD!

Why you ask...

Because I'm starting from scratch with a brand new webhosting provider. I thought shopping for a webprovider was hard enough, but when I actually paid for the service, I then realized what being in the twilight zone must feel like. I don't understand all this mumble-jumble stuff, all these computer technical terms. For heaven's sake, I'm still getting used to "HTML" format, what was I thinking?

Now, I'm just giving myself a big headache trying to learn all this technical webdesigner material by reading books, doing research online and practicing on my own. But darnit-- this stuff is hard!

My first website was a long, time consuming process, but it was also a fun experience too. Since I had so much fun creating my website all by myself, I figured if I upgraded to a more expensive, more advanced, more prestige webprovider that I'd have twice the fun and make a even better site! But no, instead I just feel stressed and confused.

God, if someone could only clarify some of this technical **Bull** I can get the ball rolling in no time! I know how I want my site to look like and if only I could learn these new programs--- I could get something done, maybe sometime this summer! Maybe sometime this year!

For now, I visit my new webhosting provider everyday and stare at the dizzy looking programs. I won't give up anytime soon, I have to keep trying, until I get something! And I will... eventually.

The following cartoon reflects my computer experiences...