Saturday, July 08, 2006

Miss Rude

There is this dancer who takes a dance class with me that seems to have a really bad habit...a rather rude habit at that!

I'm going refer to this dancer as "Miss Rude" because I don't like bad mouthing anyone, especially dancers.

This dancer Miss Rude has a terrible habit of whispering in class. She is always whispering to her friends while the class is in session, it's more than distracting, it's insensitive!

Usually, I catch her whispering to her friends about someone else in the room. I can tell she is talking about other dancers in the room because she tells her friends to look at the person, then they all giggle to themselves. It's a childish sight, I know.

Actually, on more than one occasion, I've actually seen her whisper stuff about ME to her friends. I can't make out anything she ever said about me because I can't hear her--- so until the day I do hear anything, I'm not going to say anything. There's no point in making a fuss, until your absolutely sure that a person is causing problems.

I have to admit that sometimes I let this dancing diva get to me time to time. She truly does act like a classic dancing Diva. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that she is the head student of the class and she likes to walk around as if she's unbeatable. Yeah...whatever!

Realistically, the only reason she is the head student of this class is because she is the student who has been dancing with that specific instructor the longest. Of course the longer you learn from someone, the more you'll be able to mimic them (it's common sense). Yes, she does dance exactly like the instructor, which make me wonder...why is she in the intermediate class anyway?

If she is so wonderful as she portrays herself to be, why isn't she teaching the class herself. Sadly this girl is too into herself--- it's a sad sight really. I pity the girl.

Her conceitedness is a sign of insecurity, she overemphasis what she knows to compensate for what she doesn't know. I have yet to completely witness her dance technique, but from what I see so far, I think she's a great dancer. But she only seems to be able to dance only one style of Middle Eastern dance. I looked her up on-line, which wasn't easy because this remarkable dancing diva has no website. I did find her on a dancer directory though, I also found out that she does specialize in a single style--- what a handicap (at least to my point of view).

Preferably, I like to study many different forms of oriental dance, so I can be ready for anything. Sometimes I exclusively study one form at a time, but eventually I have to move on because my inner eagerness to try something new will not leave me at peace.

So I wonder...I wonder if Miss Rude can dance any other style of oriental dance and how well is she. I would love to see that feathery dancer try sometime else.

Hey, nobody is perfect, not even Miss Rude and maybe one day she'll realize that!